Amerian & Chinese culture

Traditional paper-cutting redesign

China is one of the four ancient civilizations that has a long and beautiful history of more than 5,000 years. Chinese paper-cutting is one of the most important types of Chinese folk art. Chinese paper-cuttings are usually made of thin red paper, as red is associated with luck and happiness in Chinese culture. People practice paper-cutting for Spring Festival, weddings, and childbirth. By combining Chinese with American culture, the new style of Chinese paper-cutting will make young people from China and America gain more interest and higher enthusiasm to practice it, making traditional culture become popular again.


Experience & Practice paper-cutting

The exhibition first shows the new style of Chinese paper-cutting works, in order to attract more people to come and watch this exhibition. Through the exhibition, visitors can have a better understanding of traditional Chinese paper-cutting, then feel more involved through an interesting metaphor game that demonstrates Chinese culture.

The second part of the exhibition introduces some methods to protect traditional culture, education visitors how they can make the contribution to culture. Finally, the exhibition set up a working station to let visitors experience the enjoyment of paper-cutting. Visitors can choose to use stencils to cut out the patterns of American culture or use the way of traditional Chinese paper-cutting to create their own pieces. In the end, they can pack away their own work to share this charming form of art and culture.