Margaret Sullivan

According to the World Health Organization, there are currently 253 million people in the world that live with low or no vision, meaning their vision cannot be corrected to a normal level. It is a common stereotype that the low to no vision community doesn’t care to use beauty products; however, this is a stereotype currently being broken. Low to no vision advocates are bringing to light issues with current beauty packaging standards such as low contrast, text on image or little to no identifying textures that can make it very difficult to identify one product from another.

Clue is a beauty brand that is focused on the principle of inclusion. This solution provides a clear and easy way to navigate beauty packaging for all vision levels. Whether you are reaching into your handbag during a night out, or like to feel for textures due to vision loss – Clue will shave minutes of frustration off of your day. The brand aims to encourage designers and other brands to adopt an inclusive approach towards packaging design.