Jiaxin Li

Will I get to my gate on time? How long will the security check take? Which way should I go?… Most of the travelers may have asked themselves one of these questions during their time in the airports. It is very common when you travel in an unfamiliar place with so much uncertainty. According to the data from International Air Passenger and Freight Statistics, 233.1 million passengers have traveled between the US and the rest of the world for the year ended in June 2018, which is already 5% increase from the same 12 month period a year earlier. With this fast growing travel population, not all airports are ready to meet travelers’ requests, which inevitably leads to more travelers to experience airport anxiety caused by delays, airport congestion, airline and security procedures. To improve travelers experience and reduce their anxiety in the airport, a portable device or application on the portable device would be a feasible solution for the airport anxiety issues.