Qiner Wang

Searching for parking everyday has been a pain for drivers. According to a report from INRIX, in New York City, the hardest-hit U.S. urban area, drivers on average spend 107 hours a year looking for parking spots.

The difficulty of parking also caused traffic and environmental issues. According to a study of Parking Institute, about 30 percent of cars circling a city at any given time are doing so as drivers looking for parking. Aside from the frustration factor, those cars are creating traffic congestion. From an environmental standpoint, that translates to incalculable amounts of wasted fuel and carbon emissions. On the other hand, the at-times maddening searches may also lead to unforeseen personal and emotional problems. 

In recent years, efforts have been made for intelligent parking to reduce time spent on parking. By utilizing a parking guidance mobile app, this issue might be resolved in the future.