Justin Gilbert
Throughout history Native Americans have been the victims of assimilation. Relocation of tribes to reservations and the establishment of european boarding schools has nearly whipped out the language and culture of the Ute people. Today there are around 1,500 Southern Ute Tribe members remaining. Of the 1,500 only 40 people are still able to speak the language fluently. Majority of those 40 are considered elders and within the next decade the language could be considered extinct. UMU ia a simple interactive vocabulary game, allowing users to match corresponding cards which can be collected when the pronunciation of the Ute words are said correctly. This solution allows users to hear audio version while seeing the visual word with the assistance of a website. Within the design I have tried to incorporate cultural aspects related to the Southern Ute tribe. The animals, patterns, logo, and packaging all have aspects related to the Utes. This solution is a narrowed focus solution, but the goal is to create multiple cards lessons to help teach conversational language. It is my goal to help the revitalization of the Ute language by utilizing Visual Communication and Design.