Food packaging waste

the Solution of Reducing Food Packaging Waste

Food packaging has an increasingly basic role to play in increasing its value and is expected to grow to a mount of money market globally. Obviously, food packaging has dominated market. In this way, the food packaging waste has resulted in the accumulation of billions of garbage, witch generated ends up in the landfill. Unfortunately, there are lots of improper disposal which have also resulted in huge number of pollution and bad social impact, especially the ocean pollution and air pollution. So, this project focuses on studying structure which inspired from nature for figuring out a solution in food packaging design to reduce the food packaging waste.


Food Packaging Waste Environmental Impacts

The environmental impacts of food packaging have been found to be relatively huge compared with food product itself. Furthermore, from the environmental and operational point of view, the most significant task for the food packaging is not just to protect product itself, but need to care about its impact after end of life. So, this exhibition focuses on tell the storyline of food packaging life cycle and how long those food packagings will break down under the soil. After this, visitor will have a choice about how they will dispose those food packagings.