Ocean APP


Plastic products have penetrated to our society and nature environment, there are more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic are already in the oceans. An estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans annually. A majority of the plastic pollution is contributed from single-use products and very low recycling rate of plastics in U.S which is only 9%.

By addressing this issue, we can improve our recycling rate to reduce the plastic into our ocean. My app design which called Ocean can raise society’s awareness of recycling and educate people how to recycle through the use of an interesting animal growth game.


Ocean plastic pollution

There are three parts of this exhibition. First there is a task to find out whether people adding plastic to the ocean by their daily behavior, through answeing the quseiont, they will realize what the meaning behind their behvior, Then I will show them what effect has caused by ocean plastic, especially for humen health and marine life to raise their concern and awarness.

The second part to show my app design which can help for addressing this issue, I give the specific descriptions of the using process with app screen shot on the board.

The third part is to let people think more about recycle in their life, they can use my design card to know what they can do and write one thing they will do to recycel reuse reduce, they can share their thousht by pin in last board or take away as reminder.