Research and design about Nomophobia, which is a term describing a growing fear in today’s world — the fear of being without a mobile device

Pause the phone life


Cell phone plays an essential role in communications throughout the world. Although cell phones allow individuals to have unlimited access to information and to connect with others in a way otherwise thought impossible, there are many harmful and disturbing effects of smartphone dependence. According to a New York Times report, both teens and adults check their smartphones 150 times per day (or every six minutes), and send an average of 110 texts per day. The purpose of this design is to enhance people’s awareness about phone addiction and use mindfulness as a tool to create positive use of the smartphone for college students. At the beginning, I brought “ NO CELLPHONE CHALLENGE” to ASU campus. I distributed 100 handouts throughout ASU design school, including the coffee shop, studios and parking lots. On the other hand, the PAWSE mobile application was designed considering the recommended best practices in interaction/information design.


Put down your phone. Pick up your life.

There are two parts of this exhibition. The first part is a 3D house made by several laser cut wood layers to create a home context, which is showing the current phone addiction status. Instead of just showing the numbers, I designed this part as a guessing game. I want to make people really think about this situation and then, the result may surprise and impress them. On the right is the second part of phone addiction level test. Through answering five questions, people will find their phone using type and get a character keychain designed by me.