Empowering early education with mindfulness

Empowering early education with mindfulness to mitigate bias and prevent hate crimes for future generation


Hate crimes are currently the highest priority of FBI’s Civil Rights program, not only due to their devastating impact on families and communities, but also because groups that preach hatred and intolerance aid in planting the seed of terrorism in our country. Hate crimes are also known a bias crimes, is the violence intolerance and prejudice. Hate crimes are motivated by bias on certain social group or race. Every year in the United States, thousands of hate crime victims suffer from bullying, rapes, intimidation, verbal abuse, aggravated assault, damage to property, and much more. After vigorous research, there are evidence showing that early intervention and education have strong and positive impacts on assisting young children develop a more inclusive mind with less bias. For the final design, I created an educational kit that can be used by teachers and educators for early child development. The kit includes a booklet compiled with culture exploring games and activities, along with daily mindful techniques that aid in promoting compassion, empathy, acceptance, and inclusion for young children aged from 3-7.


Reduce bias, end hate crime, be mindful

This exhibition is designed to fit in with my topic that is on the more serious side. My intention for the exhibit is to educate people and raise their awareness of the damaging effects of bias have on our society. The exhibit is also aimed at educating people on how mindfulness can help in reduce implicit bias that are hidden in everyone’s head, which we are not aware of. Since my initial audience, the children, will not be attending the show themselves, my ideas is to educate the adults who will attend the show and then let them influence the young children who they have contact with. The interactive piece is the big hand in the middle of the exhibit panel. The idea is that each red pin on the hand represents a violent hate crime, then by doing a quick mindful exercise, you are now one step further in reducing your own implicit bias, and the world has one less bias. As the red pins are being removed, a green hand will eventually be revealed, portraying a more peaceful hand.