The new normal

How can you make diversity and inclusion the new normal in your life?

The lack of diversity in design is becoming an important topic as we try to move towards creating a more equitable society. However, the majority of designers in America are white, as people of color have not had the same access and opportunities to practice design. As designers, we have a significant amount of influence on the products, services, and spaces we create and how they can either uplift and legitimize or exclude and marginalize different communities.

Diversity and inclusion is an important part of making design an equitable profession, and it will allow future generations of designers of color to contribute to making a more fair society. I wanted people to think about how they could improve diversity and inclusion in their personal lives, and make a pledge and commitment by writing it down.


Creative culture toolkit

As a method to increase diversity in the future, the solution I focused on was teaching design education with black and brown youth in a way that explores how design influences culture. I designed four lesson plans that would explore design through a cultural lense that would be relevant to young people of color. The design thinking cards a supplement to the lesson plans as a way to facilitate creating thinking and problem solving skills.