ASU MVCD Class 2016

As graduate students of The Design School at Arizona State Univerisity, we are transplants of both our homes and careers, adapting to learn visual communication design in a rigorous studio-based education. Our design practice explores themes such as censorship, memory, health, duality, climate, and education. We invite you to experience the work of our eleven graduating students displayed through a variety of print, web, and multimedia design.

Opening ReceptionFriday May 6, 7pm - 10pm

ExhibitionSaturday May 7, 2pm - 7pmSunday May 8, 2pm - 7pm

LocationGould Evans CanaryPhoenix AZ

Who we are

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    Soumya Kasuganti

    Soumya is intrigued by perception, her own and that of others, and how it can be challenged. She is passionate about social change and believes in the collective power of people. She likes to travel, and dreams of being at home wherever she is.


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    Minhua Iris Zhu

    Iris codes and enjoys the process of visualizing information. She reveals the hidden structure embedded in the complex. Her ongoing interest is to combine technology and design, to visualize the beauty of information and to deliver high quality visual and technical solutions for design problems.


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    Valerie Skorpion

    Valerie Skorpion is particularly interested in color, packaging design, and nature. In the future Valerie hopes to teach graphic design or find some way to share her love of the sonoran desert with others through the use of the skills she is acquiring. In her free time, Valerie enjoys spending time with her family, enjoying the desert, and watching movies.


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    Iván M. Delvasto

    Iván M. Delvasto is a Latin American photographer and graduate of visual communication design. His unmistakable relation to both the Latino and American culture cultivates his labor. His current research explores the act of censoring in distinct forms with the intent of implementing it as a positive instrument through visual communication design.


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    Wade Bies

    Wade Bies is curious about social behavior, biology, and hacking, and the ways in which he can investigate them with design. He is interested in working with a strategic-creative consultancy that combines research, strategy, technology, and design to create products and services for Fortune 500 clients. Wade’s work is influenced by El Lissitzky, Bradbury Thompson, and Jan Tschichold. He is motivated by rapid-prototyping and collaboration.


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    Lori Hollins

    Lori’s personal design style explores a vivid color pallet, handmade work and other tactile objects infused with extensive research. Outside of school, she runs Silence & Noise Designs, working with a handful of companies located in Arizona. Lori enjoys building, making and experimenting with everything from her design to cooking. She enjoys reading and learning about not only graphic designers but marketing, industrial design, handmade craft and sea life.


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    Christian Montoro

    Christian is a designer who explores the integration of digital and physical processes for visual communication. His work in brand strategy includes identity systems, environmental graphics, motion graphics, advertising, and web design. Christian’s current practice draws upon the intersection of design and experimental printmaking by allowing the material process to influence and enhance communication systems.


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    Shangning Wang

    Shangning Wang is a graphic designer, an illustrator and a creative outlet, he is focusing on commercial art, typography, illustration, branding, poster design and exhibition design. He is mentored by Andy Weed, Lindsay Kinkade, Scott Curtis and Michelle Fehler. Shangning obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from China Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA).





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    Lizhou Zhang

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    Ling Wei

    Ling is a Master of Visual Communication’s student at Arizona State University. She holds a bachelor of art in Mass Communication from Idaho State University located in Pocatello, Idaho.She likes to share, communicate and collaborate with creative people from every design discipline. Please feel free to check out her work and don't hesitate to say hi to Ling, maybe she will tell you some bad jokes that she has been practicing.

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    Arina Anoschenko

    Arina is a multi-disciplinary designer who finds inspiration in a diverse range of cultural, historical, aesthetic, and technological sources. Her projects have included the design of visual identities, print, packaging, motion graphics, with many of her projects ranging across multiple media.

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